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Allyson Thornton

Executive Director and Founder, Raise Up.
Allyson Thornton is the executive Director and Founder of Raise Up. She began Raise Up 10 years ago at North Charleston High School. Allyson has recently expanded Raise Up into Beaufort County at Battery Creek High School. Allyson attended The Darla Moore School of Business at The University of South Carolina and earned a bachelors degree in Marketing. Allyson met her husband, Austin, in 1995 while attending USC. They have been married for 19 years and have 2 children, Lexi and Cole.

Jean Rebecca

Program Director, Raise Up.
Raise Up is proud to introduce to you our Program Director, Jean Rebecca. He is also the co-founder of a nonprofit called Stand for Haiti (Kanpe Haiti). Jean has worked with elementary to college students ever since he was in college and throughout his professional life. He was born in a small village located in the city of Croix-des-Bouquet, Haiti. At the age of 6, Jean migrated to the United States. He was raised in West Palm Beach, Florida.


Raise Up

Mission Statement:
Equip young men with educational skills and necessary materials to maintain a 3.0 or higher GPA and score above average on the ACT and/or SAT in order to gain acceptance into a post- secondary school.
To teach young men the personal responsibility, self-discipline, and social skills required to succeed in post-secondary education and in their future careers.

Why Raise Up?

Just a few of the ways we help prepare our students...

One-on-One Mentoring

New Opportunities & Experiences

Learn Social, Financial, & Educational Skills

Be Prepared For Life After High School

Recieve a Laptop & School Supplies

Receive Dress Pants, Shirt, Belt, & Shoes

Earn Quarter & Semester Cash Incentives

Opportunity to Earn Scholarship Funds

Torres Sparks

Raise Up Graduate

Raise Up has given me the opportunity to reach goals I didn't think were possible. It gave me insight to see the bigger picture and gave me inspiration to pursue college.

David Baires-Rivera

Raise Up Gradaute

" I had problems at home.  my family didn't want me to continue high school but Raise Up was always there...they helped with food, college, etc...they never let me down."

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